Grammar Nazi, Please Read (You Loose)

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  1. 1. It's LOSE not LOOSE, as in "You will LOSE your game." "My jeans are LOOSE"

    2. If you want to say "you are dumb", try typing "you're dumb" not "your dumb".

    YOU'RE not YOUR

    3. Possessives. It's Susan's shirt. Not, Its Susans shirt.

    It's equals "it is". Since the shirt belongs to Susan, it's possessive and you should use an apostrophe. Plural possessive example, "The girls' swimming pool......." But if it's just Susan's pool......

    we all know when you are typing fast and don't care about capitalizing and run-on sentences and whatever and that to me is fine but i just go crazy when i see loose instead of lose and i hope i taught one person who can impress everyone at their (or there? lol, or they're or what..... oh no how do i know?) work.
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    Go in that corner over their and fuck off. Fuck, wrong their. Now you got me all fucked up. Is it their, there, or they're. You just runined my fucking day :mad:
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    Somebody put some tape over the1's mouth.
  4. the1


    LOL. C'mon Homie. You gotta have a bit of fun and don't get me started on the confusion between then and than :mad: Google that and see how messed up people are.

    I'm an adjunct professor at the local university and the quality of papers I get from graduate students is enough to make a grown man cry.

    I get shivers down my spine when I have to correct a sentence that reads, "...unemployment was greater <b>then</b> previous years because..."

  5. Also, it's rIdiculous, not rEdiculous. And sepArate, not sepErate.

    I see these all the time.
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    And the absolute worst is "irregardless." That isn't even a word but it's used so frequently Websters actually put it in the blasted book. At least they were smart enough to make a little note about how butchered the word regardless has become.
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    this is the funnest thread.

    it really bothers me when people spell funnest with one n.
  8. I've read this: "Sumbody knows sumpin" must be a trading term.
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    I was making light of funnest but it turns out - there is a debate over its legitimacy.
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