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  1. Does anyone on ET trade the Beans, Wheat, and Corn?

    Huge gains thus far, but it looks like Corn has the potential to be EXPLOSIVE along with Wheat should anything go wrong this Spring.
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    I trade grains and agree if weather problems or big exports come into play it could be interesting.
  3. This is always the case. The trip is that you have to have your position on, in the right direction BEFORE it happens.

    [​IMG] If you look carefully, you may find that even if you do not know what is going to happen. That it may have happened before. If it did, it happens about the same time of year. If you took a position anticipating the event …

    Just to cover yourselves you can hedge the trade with a month that is not effected, in the other direction. This is less risky; they will require less margin. Profits will be higher.

  5. big move up in us$ today. if commodities prices were rising because of a weak dollar will they reverse with a strong dollar?
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    CBOT Soy Review: Soyoil Collapses On Talk Of Imports Into US
    -- Rumors Circulate Of Soyoil Imported Up Mississippi River
    -- China Rumored To Have Cancelled 4-5 Cargoes Of South American Soyoil
    By Tanner Ehmke
    Chicago, March 2 (OsterDowJones) - Soyoil and soybean futures at the
    Chicago Board of Trade collapsed Tuesday on talk of South American soyoil
    being imported into the U.S. via the Mississippi River.
    Trade sources said soyoil has been imported into the U.S. for the past
    three weeks through Baton Rouge. However, other market participants were more
    cynical of the rumors.
    "It doesn't pencil in. There were some rumors of Dreyfus taking some oil
    last week, but it didn't work out," one veteran broker said. "All we did was
    hit sell stops when no one was underneath it. To try to explain it
    fundamentally is a crock."
    May soybeans settled 29 cents lower at $9.28 1/2 a bushel, and Jly beans
    were 30 1/2c lower at $9.14 a bushel. May soymeal finished $4.80 lower at
    $281.30 a short ton, and May soyoil ended 152 points lower at 33.03c a pound.
  7. It was an amazing COLLAPSE!!!

  8. It would be nice to compare brokers and commissions, news and datafeeds, charting s/w and so on amongst those who trade grains or other pit-traded commodities.

    Me: 10$ r/t all-in, no-frills (almost) no customer service

    Charting with AmiBroker and free EOD data, probably going to migrate to QP as EOD feed.

    R/t data: have an account with Ira Epstein and use their feed/charting/news program.
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    ODJ CBOT Soy Review: Soy Futures Explode Ahead Of Report
    -- Traders Brace For USDA's New Estimate On Brazilian Soy Crop
    -- Basis In Brazil Continues Upward Momentum
    By Tanner Ehmke
    Chicago, March 9 (OsterDowJones) - Soybean futures at the Chicago Board
    of Trade exploded Tuesday, racing higher on nervousness about what the U.S.
    Department of Agriculture will say about the Brazilian soybean crop in
    Wednesday's supply and demand report.
    Industry analysts say the USDA will likely hone its estimate of Brazil's
    2003-04 soybean crop to 59 million metric tons, down from February's estimate
    of 61 million tons. But market participants contend that the crop is much
    smaller than even 59 million. Instead, they say the industry is actually
    trading a figure ranging somewhere between 54 million and 56 million tons.
    "If the USDA cut the figure by 2 or 3 (million tons), then it will be a
    neutral report. But if they take it down 5 or 6 (million), that's pretty
    bullish," a Chicago broker said.
    May soybeans settled 30 cents higher at $9.47 a bushel, and Jly beans were
    29 1/2c higher at $9.37 a bushel. May soymeal finished $5.70 higher at $285.10
    a short ton, and May soyoil ended 161 points higher at 33.65c a pound.
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