Grains To The Moon

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  1. My goodness Wheat,Soybeans are off to the races, not to worry, inflation is under control, government reports show inflation declining wink wink.

    Also a weak dollar is good, good for manufactures who export, not so good for everyday americans.
  2. Wheat, beans and the teens!
  3. Holy moo cow, soy looks ready to bust a new high. Thank your friendly fed next time you go to the store. Folks we have a runaway train.
  4. short term its been weeks of whipsaws - be careful.

  5. Still short wheat from 900 to 950

    Short S from 900 and scaling up. More at 1025 (Jan08).

    Short corn from 350. Trying for 380 (Dec07). Will roll to Mar08 soon. Nice contango still.

    Short rice from 1150 to 1200. Limit sell 1250 for Jan08.
  6. dimmi


    If you or anyone could briefly explain.. I am new to futures, still learning etc.. how does it work with being short at 350, 'trying' for 380. Does that mean you're in the red, why try for 380?

    Same with Soy, short from 900, its currently over 1000 on the December contract, how does the rollover work when going to March and how does it affect the trade.

    Also, where do you see corn/wheat/soy going and when?

  7. I don't have the answers to your other questions, but I can definately tell you all of the grains are either going up or down.

    Seriosly - nobody really knows so your better off doing your homework and drawing your own conclusions.
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    Because you 'went to the trouble' of responding to my post, I will reply to yours.

    I am not asking for trade tips/advice I was just wondering since he is short from 950-900 where he sees it going.

    Any problem with that?
  9. hey i am not trying to start any fights - from my experience I have learned that knowing what the next trader is doing serves you no purpose unless you have identical account sizes, identical risk tolerance, identical trading style, so unless everything is equal, each trader must formulate his/her own style.

    just my 2¢ - nothing more.
  10. I think grains are going down. Not crashing, but will correct. I am building short positions. Almost got Dec corn at 380. Shorted more Jan beans at 1025. Still holding some wheat shorts from 900-950. Will see how rice does tonight.
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