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    I've been trading various grains and softs lately with mixed results. As a noob, I would like to start a discussion dedicated to these two ag products. The ones that I'm closely following are


    Wheat (ZW)
    Corn (ZC)


    Cotton (CT)
    Cocoa (CC)
    Coffee (KC)
    Sugar (SB)
  2. what time do you trade SB? I really like to trade ZS (soybeans at the open, first :10 minutes...your strategy?
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    - schizo

    why not soybeans?

    Even if you're not trading them I think it's beneficial to watch the grains together
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    In addition to wheat and corn, I am also monitoring soybeans and oats. While the volume is pretty decent for soy (oats, on the other hand, is terrible), corn tends to have the largest intraday moves, followed by wheat and soy. Hence, my preference for corn and wheat over soy.
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    Usually, after 9 AM (EST). As for ZS, see my previous reply.

    My strategy is still evolving as I'm fairy a novice when it comes to ags. If you have any good tips to share (doesn't have to be anything specific), I would be happy to hear about it.
  6. actually Soybeans has the largest high-low move and then Wheat and Corn is smallest of all...take a look at it
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    Take a look at the attached chart. It's a 30-minute chart spanning the past 20 days. As you can see, corn had the largest move (12.75%), followed by wheat (9.96%) and soy (0.48%).
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  10. tech723


    Hey schizo
    Agree on your call with Wheat, top is near. Also, I agree with increase, Beans are the king, always have been. However, with that comes increased volatility with limit moves often unexpectantly.
    I’m looking for a ZS top, to enter Shorts, with expectations of a sharp decline.
    What say you?, and other grain traders…. top is in ZS, ZW? or higher?
    P.S. - also, looking for a top, if not already a top at 181.22 in Cotton as well, again with a sharp decline. Might have missed the boat, hopefully still a chance to get short.
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