Grains on fire

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  1. Cutten


    Wheat limit up, beans going bananas, even wheat getting in on the action.

    So far they have had a fairly slow steady bull market. Now it looks like it's moving into the momentum phase. You could get some serious price advances from here, but also a hell of a lot more volatility. Belt-up and get ready for an interesting ride.
  2. Shagi


    amazing stuff -
  3. Buy1Sell2


    I have an order to short March Wheat on a sell stop a bit below below 880. Wheat is toppy.
  4. Does anyone know what the symbols are in Qcharts or Esignal for these futures. I would like to chart them and was wondering which charting software is the best and how one would go about getting into it. Thanks in advance.
  5. jsl50a


    In KC every listed contract, all the way through July 2010, closed limit up bid.

    That's quite a crop report.
  6. man, i let this one get away on me. was waiting for a pullback which never materialized. someone hold my hand so i don't jump in here.
  7. got your pullback last week in wheat, but it didnt last very long -- new highs in place - whats next??
  8. I was shaken out couple of time on it; still long on wheat; but every pull back made me nervous.
  9. Shagi


    The wheat rally is relentless - if you getting scared on pullbacks - pivot your entry and exit trades on weekly reversal - see chart - its milking a fat cow fed 24/7 on growth steroids:D
  10. There's still time and opportunity to get Chicago and Kansas City in the teens.
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