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  1. Still short the March Wheat at 350.25
  2. Maintaining the short postion. looking for a place to add to the short position
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    What is the spread in buying or selling in physical commodities like Wheat?
  4. depends on whether or not it's at night or not. Corn is probably the tightest spread. I would say the spread is usually an eighth or a quarter sometimes in wheat. To be honest I use limit orders to enter and when I get stopped out, most of the time it's at my price right on the money. Might get slippage of an eighth.
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    This year I am developing a model for longer term trades on these markets. It's based on buying or selling on the open or close. At the moment I haven't been able to figure out a way of accurately calculating the potential slippage so I was interested in the spreads. As I swing trade it's not that a big of deal, but rather interesting nonetheless.

    I am also short Wheat. Hopefully today's upswing gets rejected tomorrow!
  6. weekly charts favor the upside a bit, but I am seeing action on the daily that may suggest downside potential. In any event, I'll average up to a point and then hold if necessary. I'm very conservative, so I won't get overextended.
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    I am short from 345ish...not worried...see how it develops over the next few weeks...
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    What bearish technical patterns are you seeing with March wheat? I agree that the shakeout that took place in grains yesterday is likely the first leg of some downward action. I do see a bearish MACD divergence starting to form in the dailys of wheat.

  9. We had a gap up and I don't see a breakout forming is the main thing. Also I see the highs corresponding to a lower peak in the histogram. The RSI does not show that yet, so I have a small position on for now--that way I can average up.
  10. so far so wrong in March Wheat. Longer term play and I will be looking to add to the short in the near future
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