Grain spreads

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  1. Anybody riding the ZCH10/ZWH10 spread this week? It's been good so far but I wonder how much today's move in corn was a result of unwinding of bean/corn spreads...

    I'd love to hear some input :cool:

  2. caroy


    I've been in and out of this spread. Bot some corn mid week at 380 sold today at 403. Was long 380 puts as a hedge.

    I think it is about time for WH fundamentals to pick up some bullish news. Sitting long WH from 561 long 550 puts as hedge.
  3. Why don't you just buy a call? Same thing as being long future and long put.
  4. Yeah I think ZWH10 is in the gutter fundamentally, but if it can close over the 50 MA today and the dollar stabilizes a bit then I think it has some potential. :D
  5. look the bottom line is ... even an "ugly betty" gets to be cinderalla at times and go to the ball

    ( esp if all here buddies - beans corn and commodities in general are being gobbled up by the massive inflows )

  6. I am demo trading Soybean and Wheat futures spreads...seeing if it is worth the time and dime...
  7. the jury is still out if worth my time
  8. Mr. Frosty busting out the P2C parity...very nice. CH0-WH0 looks like an interesting trade after the first of the year.
  9. ZCN0/ZCZ0 chart lookin sexy now
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