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  1. Thought we could use a thread just for grain spreaders.
  2. True, unfortunately most people here want to make 855 million by end of June trading VIX for 2 hours a day with a $2000 account :p
  3. haha let them do it! I'll stick to what works!
  4. There is a group of us that are on yahoo messenger daily that trade grain spreads. There is also a blog setup to store the ideas & thoughts as well.

    PM me for details if you're interested.

  5. HAHA!!....I guess our version of that trade would be N/X beans each year?? LOL!!

    And yes, as Eric said, if you guys want to find a good group of futures traders, come on over to the group. We have a blog and are all on messenger. Small group (8 right now), and would like to keep it that way, but always room for a couple more. Mixture of index/financial futures traders and us Ag/energy guys.
  6. Oats V corn is the best spread out there currently IMO.
  7. Symbols and exchanges, please? :) Would like to verify.

    I know nothing about grains, except how to eat them in various forms. I love bread AND corn.
  8. reeseinv


    Would like to know more about it. dont know where to look , if you have any tips or pointers. Send me a PM
  9. bullspreading in corn just relentless today! Deliveries have been pretty light and not many receipts out there along with demand picking up a bit I don't know how you could not want to be bullspread that stuff when its at around 60% full carry.

    Seeing some guys stopping a ton of wheat deliveries since first notice day and these spreads at anywhere from 90-100% full carry so good bullspread opportunities there as well.

    Bean spreads just continue to see relentless buying! Saw some weakness in n/x today and that spread always has its seasonal top around this time of year so gotta be careful buying that thing. old crop spreads should pry continue to be bought on any pullback.
  10. I'd agree with youngtrader...gotta keep buying the old crop corn.

    I've been liking these spring wheat bullspreads, but feel that now the time has come to exit all bullspreads in the MGE and reverse those into some nice seasonal bear spreads here for at least the next month as we finally get some sowing taking place up north.

    looking over my data from today, looks like MGE N/U and N/Z are starting to show the first signs of weakening, and are starting to see big sell blocks come into them. Would love to sell some 10's into the weekend, but will likely have to settle for 8.5's and 9's.
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