Grail Trading Formula

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  1. Don`t be shy to post yours.

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    Why don't you start first?
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    Here it is:

    Have a well tested edge that you totally trust.
    It is a probability based business - simply a numbers game.
    Take a small position - have a fixed stop. If if goes for you take how much ever the market gives you.
    Don't ever be emotionally involved - because it is only a small loss.

    There that is it - that is the holy grail.
  4. Varies but in C# it`s like this:

    wvf[0] = (((MAX(Close, 22)[1] - Low[0]) / MIN(Close, 22)[1] * 100));
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    Trade with the trend, right? ;)
  6. uh-huh
  7. That was the "fear" formula.For a complete set we need a gread formula!
  8. Thanks for comment.

    Can you please explain more what you mean by "It is a probability based business - simply a numbers game."

    How does probability relate to trading?
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    Would you say price will probably go down more before it goes up?

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