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  1. There have been a great deal hedge funds up here in the NE in NYC and especially in affluent CT.

    With all these startup HF's it has been difficult to choose a place to begin a career. It's becoming like the dot com era.

    Not sure if this is a prop firm or a HF. Does anyone have any experiences with GC.


  2. definitely not a prop firm.
    v well respected CTA
  3. Thx...

    Need a pw to get into website...:confused:

    Can't find too much info on the company, but from what I understand about the CTA industry they trade and offer consulting services related to futures.

    Are they only limited to commodities?


  4. Primary Strategy : CTA/Managed Futures
    Secondary Strategies : CTA/Managed Futures, Macro, Multi-Strategy
    Currency Class : US Dollars (USD)

    Graham Macro Fund LP
    Graham Macro is a multi-strategy investment that combines GCM’s mature trading programs with its more recently developed strategies to form a broadly diversified portfolio that is designed to provide favorable risk adjusted returns in a wide variety of market environments. The fund utilizes programs that tend to benefit from being long volatility, strategies that are designed to take advantage of mean reversion in market prices, and programs such as the Fed Policy Program that have performed with little correlation to these factors. A significant attraction to Graham Macro is the ability for clients to access innovative trading ideas while avoiding the business risk usually associated with investing in newer hedge funds.

    they have other funds as well..

    Graham Capital Management
    Rock Ledge Financial Center,40 Highland Avenue
    Rowayton, CT, 6853
  5. cstu


    These guys have a program where they will allocate capital to talanted traders from various markets.