Grafic Card.... confusion!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by alain, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. alain


    Has anyone on the board used the Dual-DVI grafic card from Matrox. The tests are ok... the only thing they say in pc magazines is that the 3D performace is like two years ago... well and for TradeStation I think I don't need 3D ;-)

    Thanx for any input...

  2. nitro



    I own several Matrox cards, including the QUAD g200 MMS and the g550 Dual DVI. Both of these cards are exellent. In fact, I have them both in the same computer for the capability to use 6 (digital) monitors. All this with one driver for both cards.

    The new Matrox cards are even a better deal. I strongly recommend them.

  3. I'm using a Dual DVI and am very happy with it. I don't think you can go wrong with it. It's not a card for gaming, but for financial applications it is bullet proof.

    Question for Nitro: I'm thinking to add an additional PCI card to my system (G550 Dual DVI already populates the AGP) and am interested to know if there are any compatibility issues I should consider. I assume that as long as I stay with Matrox, I should be OK, but would like to hear it from the horses mouth.

  4. my system is driving four dual matrox cards (1AGP&3PCI). very pleased with it.
  5. nitro



    No problem adding more Matrox cards to your machine (obviously they will be PCI.) In fact, if they fall within the same driver (check the Matrox website,) it will _REALLY_ easy.

  6. Aaron


    And even for gaming the Matrox G550 works fine unless you play fast 3D games like first person shooters or flight sims. I've had no problems playing Civilization III and Empire Earth at 1280x1024 @ 60 Hz resolution.
  7. alain


    and how is it using the normal G550 with one DVI and one Analog for two flat screens.

    The problem is that I have just figured out that they don't sell that card here in Switzerland... Is there a big quality loss when I use one of the flat screens with the analog head of the G550 card.

  8. Alain--

    I'm temporarily using the G550 (not the Dual Dvi version). I have two Samsung 181T monitors (which I recommend highly). One is running digital, the other analog. There does not appear to be any difference in quality. Considering that the G550 Dual DVI version is more expensive AND to run dual digital you have to buy a custom proprietary cable (another $60), you can save some money without any apparent quality loss by going with the G550 (non Dual DVI version).

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