Graduate student, Senior software engineer, career shift to finance, advice needed

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Vasanth, May 27, 2008.

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    Hello Traders,

    I am a senior project engineer, currently doing my internship in a software firm as part of my graduate study in computer science. I also have a 3 year work experience and quite some exposure to the finance industry. I am very good at algorithms and programming. I am now looking forward for a career shift towards finance industry, especially trading. Let me know how I can do this if you have some idea.

  2. Join a prop firm, Swift or Title, if you live in the vast and cold country of Canada. If you live in US, you need to go through some kind of exam. Since I was traumatised by exams given by doctors in several mental hospitals, I will not suggest that you take the exam. I hate exams.
  3. Vasanath - my only advice is stay off this board.

    go to Wilmott or Nuclear Phynance much more relevant to your educational and software development level.
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    Ha ha, thanks 4Dtrader.
    But, if not exams, there is not another alternative at all?
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    Oh ok sure! I will look into them. Thanks.
  6. Vas,

    check out

    This is usually the test the more honest and reliable prop firms would require you pass to trade their capital with or without a capital deposit.

    Assent, Bright, for starts...

    Then there are the Market Making firms that are always hiring able minded people with degrees

    Susquehanna for one.. ....

    And past that there are other firms....
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    Hey psytrade,

    That is so cool! Thanks so much for your help.

  8. The software industry is much stronger and more secure wrt employment than the financial sector right now - why would you want to jump ship? Wouldn't it be better to grow your salary by shifting jobs a few times and shopping for better offers?

    India consumes all new engineers they produce each year now - and there's a real worldwide shortage of computer science professionals - still rising strong. I started an IT outsourcing & offshoring business after the EURUSD stopped in it's tracks around 1.25 in 2005 for a prolonged time. I have a lot of homemade trading software that I would love to brush up to new standards again, though.
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    Hi Gringinho,

    My interpretation was this way, professional growth in this domain of finance (not everything but only a few like trading) was directly proportional to our talent and interest towards it. Correct me if I am wrong. I, in fact thought of taking a major study, say a masters in this domain soon. Wont it work? Let me know.

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    So, will it be a better option if I just start doing trading side by side with my current job?
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