Grace cheng power fx course

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    Do anyone here have Grace cheng power fx course?
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    Love the way the word 'power' is used in all these crappy courses.

    'Power Google Ranking Seminar'

    'Power FX Traders Course'

    'Power Ebay Sellers Guide'

    'Power Real Estate Stategies'

    I'd bet that any course with 'power' in it or the word 'secret' in the marketing blurb is most probably either a complete waste of time or al the information is available for free on the net.
  4. All spammed by Power Shills
  5. LOLOL

    As a rule of thumb, I generally would not partake of any course sold on a website on which the instructor posts glamor shots of themselves.

    Just one of those intuitive things I guess. lol
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    It's typical of a losing trader to try and make money by 'teaching' how to trade. If she makes available her trading log to show you how she became successful, then consider it.

    Ask yourself this question: If you traded successfully, why do need to have another source of income? Why don't you just take money from the markets?

    Those who can't trade will teach.

    The only guy who gives stuff away is John Bartlett. Find his web site and get a free Introduction to Charting CD. is pretty good, too. This mainly deals with one indicator, the Commodity Channel Index, CCI but he's violently apposed to charging for knowledge.
  7. Except MrMarket. Dont be knockin Mr Market.........:D
    Bring your finest meats and cheeses.
  8. Good point. LOLOL
  9. grace cheng,good meh?

    i can only see that she's good at marketing... :mad:
  10. I'm looking for 'Ashley Dupree Power Hooking" dvds.
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