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  1. Does anyone here have thoughts about / experience with protrader's gr8trade?
  2. jsmith


    I went to check out a ProTrader site last year.

    The software looked good but I wonder how the traders
    made money with ProTrader reaching into their back pockets.
    $20 a trade + ECN fees (1000 shares max per ticket).

    + $0.25 per Nasdaq Cancel (SelectNet and SOES)
    + $0.10 per Order Entry (SelectNet and SOES)
    + $0.002 per share (SOES order execution)
    + $0.90 per Selectnet broadcast execution
    + $0.90 per Selectnet preference execution
  3. software looks good. Their fees are just plain ridiculous ... ticket charges and everything.

    Go to one of their open houses and see for yourself
  4. Looks like Instinet purchased the company for the software and is currently liquidating the retail side. Best get out before the doors are closed on you like in Seattle and Detroit. :mad:
  5. Thats really interesting about protrader going away -- I think they are the very last retail office left here in Atlanta. Somebody correct me if I am wrong about that.

    So anybody have any opinions about Cybertrader?
  6. Closing unprofitable offices?
  7. McSorely



    Crashes often
  8. hans130


    Who could really trade with a software that crashes often. Pain in the butt specially if you are a quick in and out scalper.