gr3at day!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by frank grimes, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. since friday was the best day 2 buy 4ver, today is the 2nd greatest. ber sterns and subprime are no problem. golman saks hedge fund trouble? no big deal. derivatis (derivatives in english) ? don't know what they are, so no terror, iraq no problem..kust buy something, anything as long as they are in my ind3x. w3rd! Sorry I just wanted to try and be as mkt savvy as our friend stock_trader! I tried to mangle the written word as badly as he does, but alas that pesky education got in the way!
  2. w3rd beotch. b est buin opertunitie evar.
  3. end of day sell off is no big deal at all, today i went long:

    goldmond socks
    leymens bros
    morgon sternlay

    w3rd!! :D :D
  4. asap


    buy thius dip yeah
  5. frank if your humor gets too complicated

    turder won't even get it :(
  6. There is no way the market can go lower. Massive buying EVERYWHERE!!!. Hedgefunds Smedgefunds, nothing can stop this market now.:D
  7. This market is great! The smedgefund I'm long is up 18% :D

  8. TOO much !!! Stop it !!! , lol
  9. ljmlmvlhk

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    "Buy you idiot traders, we alone know the market ! "

    ( Inside out, back to front and upside down )
  10. wow. gotta love a bachelor party weekend!
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