gov't now says they will help GM

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  1. they just said they may use a tarp. wtf...the tarp is only for troubled assets;man these guys improvise.
    not only that,does anyone really think the big three can be saved without drastic cuts in union wages and benefits?
  2. for all intense and purposes,gm stock is done. i think what the government does'nt want is a disorderly bankruptcy. i think they know thats the router these auto makers have to go but in an orderly well planned fashion.
  3. Hood, if you're just going to post your (highly opinionated) views, then I'm going to move all of your posts to chit chat, since that's all they essentially are - chatting.

    If you want to post something a bit more substantial, post a link a chart, a technical analysis, etc.

    This is the TRADING section, and thus all of your posts should represent specific trading information - not news, rumors, thoughts, pondering, etc.

    Thank you for making life easier for the moderators.
  4. Yea!!!

    The government will save the day!

    NY_HOOD: Just start a journal and like me you can express your thoughts - good, bad or indifferent!

  5. Agreed 100%
    Thank You.
  6. DWV


    There are hundreds of posts just like this from others that have NOTHING to do with trading - why just pick on Hood? What about the other 90% of posts here that are just opinions?
  7. The Mods must be asleep at the wheel.
    ET has really gone down the tubes this year with crap like this.
    Baron should just shut this site down.
    It's really become an EMBARRASSMENT.
  8. "Intents and purposes" not intense. Don't worry not busting your balls. Its a very common mistake. I don't think I learned this till I was in my early 20's.

  9. It has been pointed many times that ivanvich is a very biased mod. He has several people he will pick on for no reason and several he protects no matter what. It does not matter anyways because he sucks at trading ..(JUST LOOK AT HIS DIA CALL FROM A MONTH OR SO AGO.) Also for good laugh look at his forex calls.

    P.S He will very soon move this to chit chat to change subject off his failed trading attemps.:eek:
  10. Here's a suggestion:

    Why not just open up a NEW FORUM entitled "Trading Chit-Chat".

    That way, people can talk about anything that they perceive being relevant to TRADING, without having to be held to a most strict definition and standard.

    In similar vein, you would think that the TRADING FORUM would contain posts by members who use some form of technical analysis in order to convey their point, yet for some reason we see post after post in the TRADING FORUM that is "blah, blah, blah" . . . it's the end of the world!" without even one quantitative number or chart being presented to support a person's point of view, claim, etc.
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