Gov't Manipulating Market to Benefit of Financials?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by 1flyfisher, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. The market has been in the dumps the last few days teetering and tottering and struggling to keep from selling off further today and spiraling down to new lows.

    The market is down today and then suddenly out of nowhere begins to reverse and to rally at an incredible pace upward and close up an incredible 400+ on the dow. Ridiculous 180.

    DID the powers that be leak the info that they would clamp down on short selling (which obviously would spark a rally) to select members of financial institutions so they could profit and thereby strengthening their financial position ?????
    Financial institutions no doubt made a killing on this rally.

  2. I was thinking same along those lines too.
  3. Well seeing how the government is a fiduciary to AIG it would have to use all of its powers to serve its sole benefit. Or else it would be breaching its duties by conflict or otherwise (sic).

    Seriously, Fiduciary duties are serious issues at play... How can they believe they can act impatially without conflicts?
  4. Interesting point regarding fiduciary responsibility.

    As far as my post.... I am not one for market conspiracy theories..... but it sure looks like info got leaked to spark this abrupt turn around rally....and I know it wasn't leaked to me or you.

    Financials are in desperate trouble>>>>what better way to give them a boost >>>>>than to give them a little jump start by helping with the bottom line?

    I don't's just my gut feeling.
    Something feels damn fishy about todays rally. It came out of nowhere.

  5. it was at support of the s & p level of top of the first leg of the bull early 2004

    they may have coordinated some stuff to let loose at that level to give it some gusto