Govt. just banned foreign car purchases

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  1. Ok, now I'm just being silly. :p
  2. eek, do i have to cover trade my borrowed (leased) lambo :confused:
  3. lol....
  4. lol...I was waiting for the subsequent threads...

    "Government banned fried chicken."
  5. What !

    They are going to stop buying GMs (manufactired in Mexico) and buying Camry's (Made in USA) as FBI cruisers ??
  6. Yes, free markets alright! FREE to do anything they want with them :p
  7. Don't worry guys, plenty of great American cars to choose from!

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  8. Tums


    Did you know some of the GM trucks have Chinese made engines?
  9. The 2.5 Ford probe actually has a Mazda engine in it.

  10. Cars are all mixed up these days.

    My saab is still 75% made in sweden.
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