gov't has created the 3rd stk bubble in 10 yrs and is laughing

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jnorty, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. jnorty


    when you have 100's of the biggest stks in the world up 200-1000% in 13 months thats a bubble. the aftermatch will be total hell
  2. spinn


    govt lends money at near zero, Goldman borrows and buys stocks and oil. Govt bails out Goldman if necessary.

    the Sheep jump in and are happy as market drifts up. Sheep get slaughtered and blame George Bush. obama flees the country and lives alone on small island, even his wife doesnt go.
  3. hajimow


    And what is the name of that movie?
  4. I guess your not making any money. That's the only reason your so sour.

  5. Perhaps it's "I Sold At The Bottom"
  6. spinn


    I am barely trading this overbought market.

    Your mother is going to be really mad at you when you lose her money, if you trade at all.

    And you realize you spelled you're wrong. Its ok 5 letter words can be tricky.
  7. Buying dips with tight stops.
  8. hajimow


    For example look at ADI. It had great last Q and It will have even better next Q result with 63% margin. 80 cents dividend a year. Why do you call it overbought?
    Is CSCO overbought? TXN?
  9. spinn


    The entire market is overbought. I am not concerned with your little ADI that you found on yahoo finance being pushed by honest hadji and his 12 year old sister.

    Wait....are you honest hadji?