Government Unions vs. Taxpayers

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  1. jprad


    What you're overlooking is a government unable to borrow money would never have attracted Wilson and his kind in the first place.

    They were a result, not the cause.
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    Great post!
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  3. Whoa! That's a stretch.

    Besides, the principle of "vote for me and I'll give you something you want".. borrowed funding or no... always has had a following.
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  4. jprad


    Jeez, that's the whole point!

    In a government that can't borrow money they have nothing to give.
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    great post.. I remember as a kid riding bike throwing an M-80 into a parking garage in coconut grove....oh boy, think of the BOOM magnified a 1000 fold.. the city would shut down for a week and 5 miles would be cornered off if this happened now...:D
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  6. Even the harmful prohibition violators, such as the crackheads who robs a convenience store, would not be engaged in such nefarious activity were they not paying egregiously inflated black market prices for drugs which can be produced very cheaply. If that $10 rock were 10 cents, which it would be in a market where it weren't illegal or overly regulated, the addicts could peacefully kill themselves all day - the majority of burglaries and home invasions come from drug addicts trying to get their fix.

    Then you have all the drug-related murders, turf wars...
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  7. ElCubano


    now imagine the money saved on drug wars and incarceration being used to teach/rehabs...
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  8. Look guys, the United States of America is toast. Might as well give me money whle its still around :)

    I don't disagree that the fed is evil and they're doing a lot of sht I don't agree with. ANd I don't plan on working here forever.

    Truthfully, in 2011 I expect to earn more daytrading than working. While the pension and benefits is nice, I expec to be gone for good in less than 5 years and trading on my own. . And I'm not doing it with less than a million in the bank. Maybe i'm living in fantasy land, but thats my goal.

    So u can bash me all u want. I'm done with this discussion.
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  9. Yeah baby, that's how I like it! Let the feds hang their heads in shame wherever they go. Demoralize them at every opportunity, and divide and conquer! Make as many as possible defect back to the people. The weaker the enemy, the freer the people!
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  10. piezoe


    I wanted to say that most of the federal employees I've encountered over the years seemed to be highly competent, with the exception, naturally, of the folks in the New Orleans immigration office. But then I thought about all those folks at the airports x-raying dicks, and strip searching teenagers with backpacks and pierced eyebrows, and I had to reconsider-- they are federal employee aren't they? I suppose, in fairness, that even if I was poorly educated and not very bright, i'd still expect to be well-compensated if you wanted me to empty hand bags, steal Swiss Army knives, and look at dick xrays every day, all damn day long.
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