Government running out of money. Sell your house now, or anything gov't supports!

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  1. A government that controls the printing presses will never run out of money.
  2. The items being artificially supported will decline faster in real terms when the support money runs out.
  3. I agree - gov't policy manipulates asset valuations. Now the question is... will our Central Bank kill the economy or the currency?

    My view? Long term, dollar is toast. Most currencies are toast. Looking back now, I don't know how society ever thought that fiat currency could ever be managed responsibly forever. What a joke... I even believed in it for a long time.
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    Idealists do not believe in human nature. "Human nature"means that humans are part of nature. "Monk" was right. It's a jungle out there.
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    Why wouldn't you want to own your own house when hyperinflation hits?

    Before the US defaults, there would be hyperinflation due to an attempt to monetize the debt, no?

    If anything, during very tumultuous economic times, I would want to own my home outright.
  6. In real terms, housing goes down in hyperinflation.

    Own gold if you expect hyperinflation. Gold will out-climb the rate of inflation.
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    During hyperinflation you want to have borrowed and bought as much house as you could, not own it outright.

    However the government is going to be taking more money from sucke. . . that is to say from people who work for a living and do not take handouts from the feds. A house is a difficult asset to hide.
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    Must you show your intelligence every day.

    White trash guys like you are exactly the problem.

    If you do not understand that hyperinflation will destroy any wealth you have except gold and other rare things, not even god can help you.

    As for you figuring out who to blame, don't bother, you'll never figure it out. :p
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