Government Posts Largest Monthly Deficit On Record

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Mar 7, 2011.

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    And the democraps want to cut what, 61 billion of spending over a whole year? Yeah that'll do it.

    We need a WHOLE new congress people.

  4. How about if we tax Soros, Gates, Buffet, TRump, Oprah and some little 75 year old lady in Skokie who's deciding between
    heat and eat for it? Alternatively teabaggers could descend on
    hollywood en masse and rifle all the jews for it.
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    Cha ching
  6. We don't have a revenue problem you moron, we have a spending problem. Maybe if you had a brain you wouldn't have made that stupid LVS trade.

    P.S. "descend on hollywood en masse and rifle all the jews for it"?
  7. And where did that money eventually end up oh worshiper of the Dark Lord?
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    $800,000 + went for teaching Africans how to wash their dicks.
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    So that's where zombies come from. They are liberturds after their single brain cell short circuts. :D
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