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  1. I don't know...positive points in it's favor (of doing minimal damage to the Volt).

    1) It sounds like it was sung by the Alvin and the Chipmunks, so you can't understand a damn thing they said = product disconnect.
    2) At no time do you actually see more than 1/3 of a front wheel of the Volt=product disconnect.
    3) They use 3 scantily clad women jiggling their jiggly bits, which is a time proven method of disconnecting the view from everything.

    People should Google "We Built This Starbucks" to see how a company can make themselves look retarded with a professionally produced soundtrack.
  2. I was kind of on the fence about the Volt. Now I'm really excited about writing a check for $40K...:confused:
  3. greddy


    Was at the LA auto show yesterday. Didn't have
    the privilege of watching this show.

    This video convinced me that this Volt will be
    a smashing sucess.

    Who cares if other companies may come out with
    less expensive electric cars! Even though it is
    a recession, it is absolutely genius to come out with
    a car at this price.
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    You can pick up a used mid-90s Civic for about $3k with 100-125k miles. If well maintained, they can easily last an additional 150k miles with pretty good gas mileage.

    I have absolutely no clue what GM is thinking pricing this car at $40k. If I was going to spend $40k for a Chevy, I'd buy a fully loaded Camaro SS.
  5. The bulk of the cost goes to marketing. :D
  6. The Volt is priced high because GM figures they will have to battery replacements withing the warranty period. Basically you are prepaying for a second battery.
  7. For the first time in many many MANY years, I think I am about to buy a GM car for the wife after the first of the year....she wants a new Buick LaCrosse CXS in Mocha Steel Metallic with two tone titanium interior (after looking at Lexus and Audi products???).

    Oh well, we are going to give GM a shot and see how it goes, but the Volt is a car I would never buy....I think their price point will really hurt the potential of this type of car.

    BTW, that marketing dance routine looks like a bad act from a downtown Vegas hotel show.......LOL! :eek:

    Lexus vs. Buick comparison test..........
  8. Perhaps GM shouldn't have come to Washington hat in hand and sucking dick for beer money just to stat afloat.

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