Government Motors withdrew ads from paper reporting Obama's extramarital affairs.

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    Were the alleged affairs with women or men?

  2. This is an alleged fling with a guy and some crack cocaine while the president was married.

    Allegations seem to be good enough for the press in the case of Herman Cain and others. The press then gets down on their hands and knees and looks in every dark corner - investigating everything - as they SHOULD.

    I sent this story to an investigative reporter (at a liberal paper). Her response was "Never contact me again!"

    That response deserves 2 WTF's (shown below):

    WTF? WTF.
  3. The STRONG Left Bias of the MSM... and the influence they have on the couch-potato sheeple... no wonder America is doomed.

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  5. You be the judge.
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  6. Being an investigative journalist she probably found out that you, or the story had no credibility.
  7. Sure, why not? I understand that Mr. Scat loves to play in the playground, and I can see the obvious joke here, but come on, I mean really?

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    Should I have put a smilie face after the word "goats"?
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    I thought you were serious. :)
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