Government Motors Makes Worst Cars On The Road

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    If you want to drive something dependable and long-lasting, steer clear of these vehicles.

    With a 22% improvement in sales last month, and despite the six-month, $4.3 billion loss it announced Wednesday, General Motors is likely to have its strongest spring and summer in years. Plus, the automaker had critically acclaimed new products at the recent New York Auto Show and the much-anticipated Chevrolet Volt is due out this fall.

    Year-over-year sales of GM's Cadillac division alone are up almost 76%; sales in the Buick, Chevrolet and GMC divisions were each up more than 40% for March. The industry as a whole was up 24.3%.

    Unfortunately just because GM's cars are selling well now doesn't mean they're the best bet for durability or value -- yet. It'll take awhile before GM's new direction shows up in tangible new products at the dealership.

    Four of the seven vehicles on our list of the worst-made cars on the road come from GM brands. And all of the cars on the list -- including Chrysler's Dodge Nitro and Jeep Wrangler -- are made by Detroit's Big Three. Only one car on the list is made by Ford Motor
  2. All vehicles on the list, except for the Chevrolet Aveo, are trucks and SUVs.
  3. the Wrangler? What idiot thinks the Wrangler is poorly made? I've owned three Wranglers in my life, each one made it well past 200,000 miles with little maintenance. The current one I have is awesome.
  4. Yes, I was thinking the same thing.

    The Wrangler is primitive, rough handling, guzzles gas, lacking technology, even lacking a good design but

    Wranglers are extremely long lasting.
  5. yeah jeeps are great. my 1999 grand cherokee left my wife stranded 3 times and i bought it new, loaded out 35K with every POS option available - never a Chrysler product again. replaced 2 transfer cases at 2.5K a piece, 2K on A/C, u name it, over 15K in repairs with less than 75K miles and driven on road by a women to work and back - serviced every 3K mile. started burning 2 quarts of oil every 3K miles after 75K - jeeps are trail rated - ha!ha! what a joke! they can't even survive the pavement...much less off-road.

    you've seen the sticker: it's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand!

    yep, it's true, i just don't understand why it's such a POS!
  6. What part of WRANGLER did you interpret to mean CHEROKEE?

    Honestly, do people even read the posts they reply to?
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  8. Agree, while I heard that the new Wrangler unlimited shares SOME parts with the Cherokee,

    I heard only good things about Wranglers (despite a bit high gas consumption), and fair things about cherokees.