Government losing control of suppressed technology, time to invest.

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  1. You know that physics stuff your college professor swears could never work. Well he was wrong. Because he himself was purposefully taught wrong.

    Times sure are a changin

    In the 60s people were killed for this

    Now some kid builds it as a toy, it is unstoppable at this moment, even if no one in US gets the idea, Chinese or Indians or Russians will pick it up.

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    That thing was just a precursor to this

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  2. clacy


    So this guy can build a perpetual motion device, but he can't produce a video with proper lighting or a camera that was produced after 1985?
  3. Rumor has it in US in order to buy Large magnets you need to be
    registered with FBI

    Could it have something to do with "hey there pal did you get the idea to built large working Over-unity devices"
  4. See this is why things are falling apart in US. Instead of saying hey I will watch it till the end. AND it looks simple enough to reproduce and verify.


    You show up to use poor video quality as proof the whole thing is a sham.

    Clacly, welcome to the poor, uninformed, stale used to be great USA.
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    Yet, there's a youtube video.... The Conspiracy must be omnipotent and incompetent at the same time.

  6. How do you think any of the secrets in any industry come out.

    People ARE incompetent

    And yes physics professors and educators are incompetent and wrong too.
  7. You tell me there is no conspiracy when US patent office has a MANDATE not to patent over-unity devices despite working models.

    And some people even hook up small generators to them and still patent office says......Go home you kook.
    If you think conspiracies don't exist than you live in the world where crime doesn't happen. Lucky you.
  8. "Amazingly, rather than giving us a new age of enlightenment, where information efficiently flows to the masses and an informed consensus can be achieved - Google (GOOG) has actually polarized our nation because - no matter how asinine your opinion/interpretation of the facts may be - you can use Google to help you find thousands of other lunatics who agree with you and reinforce your wrong-headed beliefs

  9. Yea. I never really understood the logic behind that.

    Looks pretty legit
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    I know I'm arguing with a nut - so the fault is entirely mine.

    Educate yourself. The The USPTO Manual of Patent Examining Practice actually states (

    "With the exception of cases involving perpetual motion, a model is not ordinarily required by the Office to demonstrate the operability of a device. If operability of a device is questioned, the applicant must establish it to the satisfaction of the examiner, but he or she may choose his or her own way of so doing."

    So, contrary to what you claim, the rule is that an attempt to patent perpetual motion device must have a working model. This rule exists because there have been so many idiotic attempt to patent non-working perpetual motion devices. There has never been a working model.

    In my world, there's crime and conspiracy. But there is no perpetual motion device that violates all laws physics.

    (also, let it not go unnoticed that you ignored the fact that for your conspiracy to exist, the Conspiracy must be omnipotent and incompetent at the same time)

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