"Government is a necessary evil...

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Government is a necessary evil.

  1. Agree.

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  2. More necessary than evil.

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  3. More evil than necessary.

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  4. Other, see my comments.

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  1. Ricter


    Democrats emphasize the necessary part, and republicans emphasize the evil part."

    I've heard this said, though I don't recall who said it.

    I tend to agree. Democrats are quicker to say, "government should do something about that problem", while republicans are quicker to say, "government is the problem."

    It seems to me there may be something healthy in that natural tension.
  2. You are correct to assume that there should be a healthy tension between the list which feels government should do something more and the right which says government is the problem.

    In order for this balance to remain functioning and healthy everyone must has skin in the game and a stake in the outcome. Otherwise one side will tend to take advantage of the other.

    Our only two faults to this point that are upsetting that healthy balance is:

    1) The imbalance of those that have no skin in the game yet have a stake and say on the outcome versus those that do have skin in the game

    2) We as a people have lost our ability to be self reliant individuals and are now content with someone taking care of us. Even if that means we lose some piece of self determination.

    How do you fix that; anyone's guess is better than mine.
  3. Republicans <b><i>say</B></i> they want smaller gov't... and then consistently vote to make it even bigger and more intrusive.

    Dems are also hard at work to bring us all the benefits of statist suffocation, but at least they're more open and forthright at stating their intentions.
  4. loik


    Depends on the size, small government(laissez-faire, market economy, classical liberalism etc) is OK!
  5. loik


    Not healthy, it leads to a corrupt/destructive chaos, which makes people fight eachother for the scraps, instead of cooperating voluntary based on mutual benefit.
  6. loik


    Republicans are "facists", not proponents of laissez-faire etc.
  7. I fully agree with what Rearden said, Republicans also sold out a long time ago, and i am a right winger.

    Eventually the system will crack and the whole dog and pony show will end, the bottom line is that every politician we have right now is a gigantic sellout to the highest bidder, whether it is through votes, money, or fame, they are all doing the same thing.

    Neither side represents their true ideals anymore. There is always an agenda, which does not match the true agenda of either set of ideals. It is political suicide to represent your true beliefs, on either side, so now all we see is an expanding government which serves their own benefits, but none of the people they represent.
  8. loik


    People could vote different, it`s bullshit that there are no alternatives to the democtas/republicans.
  9. Government requires two parties ...

    Those who govern and those who are governed

    To what degree does any body wish to be governed? The idiot-left seems to have little issue about being governed.

    "Oh Please Tax My Carbon .. Please, Please, Please"
  10. Ricter


    This has all been done before with radioactive particulates, coal particulates, sulfur dioxide, lead, and CFCs. The programs worked. With the possible exception of keeping lead out of your system. ; )
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