Government Bailout on the Way?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by OldTrader, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. You may end up paying the bill for being prudent:
    "It has to be paid for and the question is would the 34 percent of homeowners who have no mortgage be willing to pay taxes to support the bailout of people who traditionally have not managed credit well?''
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  2. Or hopefully on the bottom of the food chain either.
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  4. Wait! Re-thinking this, if the borrowers get the bail out, who really benefits? The f'n lenders. God Dammit! OK terrorists, you're back on the job. Man, this shit pisses me off so bad I can't even think straight. They just keep shoving it up our asses.
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  5. Jeez, isn't the mortgage deduction enough of a Federal subsidy?

    Not to worry the Nanny is on the way.....
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    good news, FEMA has cheap house for sale
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  7. I don't think the government ever bails out the little guys. This is manipulation by the lending industry for a bailout masked to look like it's the government helping average joe. Yeah, right!
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    Way off the buttom and way off the top. I am among thoese will will have to pay the bill.

    If the bail out takes place, it will once again propogate consume today as much as you can and the hell with tomorrow. Uncle Sam is always out there to help out.
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  9. Basically, with this type of action our government has just taken the risk out of lending money for the big boys. They'll get their money either way. Too what end will they keep this house of cards propped up?
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  10. If you think about it, "bailout" is kind of a strong word. There's no way anyone is gonna pay off these stinkers. We're talking an astronomical amount of money.

    More likely they'll just force the banks to give more time to borrowers, renegotiate, etc.
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