Government announces creation of new black market:

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Rearden Metal, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. lol, it's all the suspicious almanac buyers cornering the EPHEDRA market.
  2. God damn it, they can't ship to Illinois, due to existing state level prohibition laws.

    This is such a load of goddamned bullshit. The government is not our fucking mother. How about personal responsibility for a change? Fuck them.
    I may end up a political refugee from this country.

    At least I manged to get a scarface size pile of blow for new years.... Well, not quite that big, but it is pretty damn impressive.
  3. Say goodbye to your cold-medicine too. Pseudo-ephedrine will be next. Same as ephedrine, just synthetic.

    Judging by the 'ho-hum' response I always get from my anti-War On Drugs posts & polls...I'm starting to think that you people don't want or deserve freedom.

  4. Amigo you should just move to the netherlands here, we dont have all those life-restraining bogus rules !

  5. Maverick74



    While I am not happy about the gov't acting like big brother again, I can get you all the ephedra you want. You are acting like its harder to score ephedra then heroin. I never bought ephedra from the stores anyway, too weak. Go to your local gym and you can buy all the ephedra you want, forget ebay and I hope you are not stockpiling the stuff to make money because there is so much out there man its not even funny.
  6. BND


    Kudlow was on CNBC talking about it. Thought it was funny when when he was talking about how he was an athlete in college and couldn't understand why athletes need to take drugs. Is there a difference between an athlete taking performance enhancers, or say, a chief economist on coke?
  7. Pabst


    Kudlow's irony proof.

    Rearden, I'm several years clean of drugs and drink. However my voracious appetite was like yours and I say HAVE FUN, BRO!
    If it was up to me they'd be totally legal. I have a bigger problem with some guy sticking a gun in my face so he can score some crack at 10x legal value than having a problem with people getting high. I think it's an important rite of passage. We keep repeating the same mistakes. Making a ruling billionaire class out of a bunch of wackos for stuff that grows naturally.