Government and Religion cannot be separated

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  1. True Christians are a nation of Kings and Priests. Hence politics and religion are twins.

    This is a recording from home church last Sunday.

    The buildup for the first half is important and it gets intense in the last half.

    Magnify His majesty:
  2. Which church will be in charge?

    Personally, I don't want someone else's denomination making the rules and telling me how to live.
  3. Obviously the church of "no belief" , just ask stu.
  4. God doesn't do religious schisms. So He has no need of mans religion or the support thereof.
    His Government works by love and free choice.
  5. "No belief" ... is in fact ... a belief structure based on ones belief.

    The key is to discern if they are vile and attack others with their
    belief structures. If so they are the worse kind of religious zealot.

    Violent extremism attacking others in efforts to manipulate or coerce their beliefs on others.

    It is quite comical and evident. But that kind of pride and religious idiocy is quite blind.
  6. stu


    This obviously gets under some theists' skin. The very idea that people have no belief.

    So threatening apparently , that the absence of belief, absurdly, must become belief.
    No belief is belief; the very kind of nonsensical thing religious zealots will insist upon.

    Religion is politics, but America is not a theocracy. Religious people should forever thank all their own particular personal Gods for that.

  7. Since his government is heavenly, why are you even bringing this topic up? Seems to me you are talking out of both sides of your mouth.

  8. Most people want to worship (or not) in peace. A theocracy means oppression and persecution. Just look at the Middle Ages and modern day Iran. You should be suspicious of anyone advocating such a thing.
  9. just be thankful there are still people who believe in powers greater then themselves....
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    There are still people who believe in a particular imaginary power greater than themselves ...The power they believe in thankfully doesn't govern the country .
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