Goverment considering creation of entity to hold bad debt

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    Agree that the golds are oversold here. I tried to get into GG...saw the pros lining up, missed it. Gold right now is at resistance, with the seasonals, and the usd still going down.

    Expect $900 at least in gold. I think to-days rally had alot of shorts covering with all the volume. Still, an unhealthy market.
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  2. Aren't Ponzi schemes illegal?

    Surely are Government officials would not break any of the laws they are empowered to enforce...

    They surely would not interfere or manipulate the free market...

    They surely would not engage in any type of RICO activity...

    /mild sarcasm/

    Think I might just buy and hold a few thousand shares of AIG so I have the right to sue the government derivatively for loss of shareholder vaule... conflicts of interest... breach of fiduciary duty etc...

    Any action the government takes that is not in the best interest of the shareholders of AIG becomes a claim. The Lawyers are lurking in he shadows of this one.... thats a fact.
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    Well, the ponzi scheme finds the biggest sucker. US tax payers.

    This is sickening.
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    Disagree only about the choice: I take YEN over EURO, because savings and savings rate better there than there (trite basics folks will begin to appreciate more and more), and because while Nippon has a humongous public debt, it'll begin to shrink next to the Debt Godzilla growing here.
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    Way too much government sanctioned cheating and tipping of market players by policy makers for me to put any serious money on the line in the BS of A.

    How come other governments worldwide are not finding it necessary to cheat in every way possible with the exception of UK Pakistan and Russia.
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  8. With the likes of <b>Atticus</b> getting frustrated we may be nearing a bottom :D . Yes I am still here and yes I have managed ~200% compounded annual the last 6 months and have yet to really take off. So yes, up 10k down 10k on 45k account with index futures - soon to triple and then do it again. Back and forth is part of the game and lessens frustration if you know what you are doing!

    "Isn't this fun (getting jerked around by the Fed-banks) to "prevent a global banking system failure"?
    They are preventing companies from taking important steps to right themselves. We would have seen a massive amount of deleveraging a lot sooner.
    We will see if the buying shall follow through.
    A lot of people are looking to sell into the strength rather than expecting the rally to go much higher as the U.S. housing market crisis isn't resolved yet.
    The U.S. government and corporations involved are trying to stop the domino effect to ensure that nobody else falls over, in reference to the recent merger-and-acquisition activity in the U.S. financial sector. We didn't seem to learn the lessons from Enron, but surely we must learn from this one."

    The U.S. economy is resilient. It's overcome tough times before. It will again (many hope).


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  9. I just wish the Yen had a + interest rate diff. For a long-term play, being on the right side of the carry pays off.

    I'm not at all bullish on the Eurozone, but they seem to be having a good old-fashioned recession while we're still in the midst of a deep credit crisis. I'll take the former any day. I realize our credit/banking problems may spill into Europe, but so far rumors of European banks hiding massive U.S. losses haven't materialized. The U.S. will remain the focal point of the crisis.

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  10. I covered EURUSD down to 1:1 leverage at 1.4478. + 177 pips.
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