Gov to Loan 25 Billion to auto industry

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by flipflopper, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Hmmm.... another bailout huh.

    In the future any company losing money in the US will be compensated by taxpayer dollars.

    Oh well the old US of A had a good run for a couple hundred years.

    Shit I may move to Mexico.
  2. WTF! This is BullShit.

    I hope every company in America turns to the gov for free money now or declare ch 11.
  3. I think the gov should just be given the power to price every equity and index value.

    Forget supply/demand and free markets.... they know best and we'll all be ok.
  4. I do not approve of any tax money going to private business. I am in favor of protective tariffs to make imports fairly priced to those at home.

    Call me protectionist, I love my country. Don't ask me about my government, though.
  5. Country = Gov
  6. Wow. They should have let the auto industry die like it should.
  7. No, my country is about law and tradition. Government is about neither.
  8. If it was so easy, then we should observe the highest GDP per capita in nations with the highest amount of trade restrictions. Empirically, the opposite is true.
  9. We do not impose such protective tariffs, so the analogy would be worthless.
  10. Who creates law?

    Tradition is forgotten after one generation.
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