Gov. Should Buy the Indexes!

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  1. Instead of wasting the Tax payers' money on no good Co.,s the Gov. should step in and buy worthwhile stocks as is the norm with Cent. Banks buying own currencies to defend them.
    The bottom is near and the tax payers end up profiting too, as in companies doing buy back own stocks, this should stop the crash, or NOT?!
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    $700B all in on the e-mini sure will boost confidence in everybody
  3. Buy the strong Banks discretely rather than frighten all by capitalizing them...
  4. that could be going on today.
    BAC hanging in there vs. MS freefall.
    we won't know until after the fact.
  5. Maybe the gov't is already buying stocks and that's why we're not down 20% (yet)? :eek:
  6. I mean for God's sake they should at least buy the retirements and foot the bill for the fall from here on and wait when stabilized and higher than their purchase price then take some profits for the tax payers and give them back to the original owners Vs. buying bad debts that will never recuperate and at best are band aids!
    The problem is they need a few ace hedge fund managers who could step in aggressively buy and sell as necessary and make a few bucks too meanwhile, rather than a bunch of bureaucrats which have never managed funds.
  7. hmmmm...

    WASHINGTON - Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said Friday that the Bush administration will move ahead with a plan to buy stock in financial institutions.
  8. financials.. will lead us out..
  9. The Gubmint had a plan this morning, open 'em low real low. Then go for a rally. Then they bought futures this morning, squeezed some shorts, but the Gubmint are IDIOTS. They thought parading out that dolt Bush would be the rally's dessert.

    The bigger rally killer would have Dingy Harry Reid and Ditzy Nancy Pelosi.

    My bad, Henry and Bennie could kill any rally as well.

    Whatever, Dem or Rep, anyone claiming to be leader will KILL any rally in this market.
  10. They should secretly use about $20 billiion every day to buy XLF, QQQQ and SPY for a few months.

    This would move all of the world's stock markets up eliminating the crisis. Most of the population really don't care that much about individual banks, but they are frightened about their 401K retirement plans losing value every day.
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