Gov. Christie To Reporter: "Are You Stupid?"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. BSAM


    Christie has got a negative image with a lot of people.
    He is no help to the right.
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  2. =========
    Well true, with all due respect to Gov Christie;
    maybe he should have mabe not drank so much supersize soft drinks.

    And Mayor Bloomberg is wrong on the 2nd ammendment;
    Mayor Bloomberg is wrong on outlawing Christian churches in public schools. Fed court over ruled mayor Bloomberg again


    Hey it still is a free country;
    you send a million to the US Treasury, if you WANT to . Wisdom is profiatble to direct
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  3. pspr


    Well, reporters are supposed to push the envelope but in doing so, they may get their nose smushed for not listening to the proposed rules.
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  4. Yannis


    NJ is the most heavily taxed state in the country and upper middle class folks have been leaving for lower tax states like FL. Without them, how's he going to ever balance his budget? He knows what he's doing but the gimmee/gimmee/gimmee crowd will never get it.
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  5. This guy is a classless bully. He has absolutely no concept of the Golden Rule. All he had to say was, I'm not answering that, because it's off topic. Instead he degrades person and unnecessarily calls him an idiot at the end. He has no manners whatsoever. He helps fuel the stereotype that New Jersey is filled with a bunch of rude, arrogant assholes. I believe that there's a certain level of respect you should give your people as governor of a state. He does not adhere to these principles. Romney better find a different running mate if he wants to beat the Obama Machine.
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  6. Yannis


    I don't care how he bahaves if he doesn't break the law. He's a good governor, that's all I want from him.

    Obama is well presented, careful, polite for the most part. Yet, he's also the worst president in history. I would switch him with Christie in a NJ minute.

    I remember back in grad school, I was dating a beautiful girl and my buddy said that he didn't think she knew much about Physics... Frankly, that was probably the last thing I cared about :)
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  7. I'm not denying Christie has done good things in New Jersey, but I don't think he'd be a good president. If you're not going to be a good president, then you shouldn't be VP either. I think it's important that the president treats other people with respect. If he doesn't I think it sets a bad moral standard for the country. He's also going to have to deal with world leaders, mostly way to the left of him. If they don't want to deal with him, because he's a jerk, it's a huge problem.

    I'm not saying that a president has to be perfect, but he can't be a jackass either. I was fine with Clinton, because of how he handled himself publicly. Though I might be biased, because I'm pro-business, pro-trading, but socially liberal, so I wish Clinton was running right now.
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  8. Yannis


    Agree, np here. It's just that I live in NJ and have suffered for so long, bouncing between corruption and idiocy at the governor's level. At least, this man, whatever else he may be, is competent.

    Wrt Romney, I agree with many others that Rubio is his best choice. Let's see what he does.

    Btw, I too am a fan of Bill Clinton, he was a good president, although a big liar as well. What can you do, right? None of these folks is anywhere near as perfect as they claim to be.
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