Gov. Christie Is In A Difficult Spot - This May Show His True Colors

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    Christie can appoint a placeholder to fill Lautenberg's Senate seat and P.O. every Republican or he can do the right thing and put a solid conservative in the seat. The later will cost him a lot of Democrap support and possibly his re-election as governor. What will he do?

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie can name a successor for Frank Lautenberg, who died at the age of 89 on Monday, becoming the 299th Senator to pass away in office. But it's yet another moment when what's good for Christie in 2013 might not be good for him in 2016. Christie, after all, is a Republican running a state that voted for President Obama by almost 18 points. "Replacing a Democrat with a Democrat and then saying the voters should decide what happens next in November would no doubt be very well-received by Democrats and moderates," The Washington Post's Sean Sullivan writes. But that would mean Republicans who are already annoyed with Christie and his Obama-hugging antics would disown him.

    To understand the difficult position Christie's in, look at these two tweets: "What lucky Democrat will Democrat Chris Christie appoint to Sen. Frank Lautenberg's seat?" conservative thriller author Brad Thor asks. Salon's Joan Walsh adds: "Hey Dem donors giving to Chris Christie: will you rethink if he picks a Republican to replace Lautenberg?"

    Replacing Lautenberg poses several problems for Christie. State law allows Christie to appoint a replacement, and maybe to hold a special election later this year. (It's possible, Politico explains, that because it's too late for a primary, an election might have to wait till 2014.) It's likely the special election will be held in November, at the same time New Jersey votes for statewide officials, like their governor. Which means that Christie will likely be on the same ballot as Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who said he's probably running for Lautenberg's seat back in January. Having Booker on the ticket might help Christie's Democratic opponent, Barbara Buono (pictured at right). "Rumors have abounded for months that Christie was considering appointing Cory Booker," Politico's Maggie Habermann and Ginger Gibson write. "However, sources close to both men have insisted this scenario makes no sense for either of them."

    So, if Christie appoints a right-winger, he angers the Democrats he needs to be reelected. If he appoints a Democrat, which he probably won't, he infuriates the Republican base he would need in the 2016 Republican primary. But splitting the difference won't work, either. Salon's Steve Kornacki points out that appointing a non-controversial old Republican as a caretaker for the seat is not without risk. The last time a Republican New Jersey governor did that a Democrat won the seat. His name was Frank Lautenberg.
  2. I thought you were going to say that he needed to go on a diet and cut back on "fun" foods. :)
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    No, he already got his stomach stapled and is said to have lost 40 lbs.

    Obama heard about that and using his liberal logic, since he needs to gain some weight, was going to have his a-hole stapled shut. :D
  4. If Christie appointments a tea bagger his chance to become president goes down. Of course he could just make the decision based on the wants and needs of New Jersey voters.
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    Being NJ is a NYC boro, odds are he may appont a gay man for the position whether you like it or not.
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    his only real out is to appt someone like arnold schwarzeneggar (sp).

    hey arnold this is Chris... you know Christie..
    Want to be senator... I am sure you can get re elected. just move here.
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    now that is some dennis miller type comedy right there.
    well done.

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    Max E.

    Christie will nominate a republican, guaranteed.
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    Christie is going to nominate Christie...Christie Whitman, that is - she'll be a placeholder until Booker in '14. He won't waste the money on a special election and I doubt Whitman wants to go thru another election campaign. His opponent in the fall has little chance of beating Christie so he has the room to make this choice.
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    Tea bagger? I'm disappointed to see you use the term. Here's a little fact. I know some tea party types. They are conservative, hardworking, tax paying people. They have friends of many races. They simply don't want to see their country turn into a big progressive experiment (unfortunately, they are too late). And to my knowledge, I don't believe any of them suck the literal sense.

    I believe you are referring to conservatives and libertarians. If not, describe your definition of tea bagger. I'm really curious. Or are you just helping the prez continue his atmosphere of hatred toward his political enemies? I mean seriously, if he really didn't give orders to his underlings, it was this very kind of bullshit that creates an atmoshpere that would have led to "rogue" activity.
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