Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

Discussion in 'Trading' started by makloda, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. ANYTHING IS BULLISH!!!!!!!!!! Low oil, high oil. Low rates, high rates. Low USD FX, high USD FX. Low inflation, high inflation. Did it matter, did it make any difference? Not sure were you guys were the last four years but certainly not trading this market.
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  2. nice call once again bro!!

    I love zero risk
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  3. Well enjoy the bounce everyone... $$$ :D
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  4. <i>"Not sure were you guys were the last four years"</i>

    Silly, I've been right here trading both sides of the market. Short on the way down, long on the way up. Flat at the closing bell, wash - rinse - repeat :D
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  5. T280


    Yes come out from hiding and cream your pants... it's safe now
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  6. Corrections happen exactly like this.

    20 points down here, 50 points down there, 5 points down over there...

    Before you know it...there's thousands of points shaven.
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  7. makloda

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    Well enjoy the bounce everyone... $$$

    just did, and i will leave you 'pigs' to get what you deserve with your buy'n holdem mentality....

    The only thing I like to hold overnight aint fer repeatin on such a 'plite Bulletin Board such as this.....adios, grunters.....
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  8. Im curious...

    Do you risk-free guys ever sell to reload your gun, or do you continually add fresh powder?

    If its the latter, Id say ETers own at least 10% of everything and anything worth owning!
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  9. john12


    told you buy that dip. made 5 free pts on the es today.
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  10. Downside follow thru......WHAT'S THAT?
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