Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

Discussion in 'Trading' started by makloda, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Never ever ever. FREE MONEY. We cant even go into the red zone..
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  2. It always comes back, no stop necessary PERIOD! unless you want your broker to get some money to, amazing simply amazing, go market!
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  3. Not everyone is a chicken like you, pecking around on the ground, some day you can soar with us eagles.
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  4. I know it hurts your ego, but making $$$ can be THIS easy!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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  5. Here you go buy @ 12693 sell @ 12710.......ready set go! its 11:45cst Dow mini @ 12693.
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  6. The market does not suffer ego's well, those who need to be right are flushed

    It's actually why so many very successful businessmen who change careers to trade get slaughtered after dominating in their chosen profession
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  7. Do you think if the bears win the super bowl it might change market direction?
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  8. Is that the girls game where all those big tough guys need helmets and protection to play football?

    Down under we just stuff a dead Koala down our pants for protection and get on with the game
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    What a garbage thread ... 67 pages of cheerleading. Why isn't this in Chit Chat? It seems clear that the three "buy the dips" aren't traders, but long term investors.

    Any trader --- or any real trader, plays both sides and those who think playing short makes no sense have no clue about trading.

    This thread has absolutely nothing to do with trading which I thought was the forum topic.
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  10. I heard it being called 'Girl Rugby' once!:)
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