Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

Discussion in 'Trading' started by makloda, Jan 27, 2007.

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    As I said the fed continuously bows to wallstreet...this has been happening since the Greenspan years, I thought Powell was going to be different...nope he's just like greenspan, bubble ben and yellen....he's finally made it to that team.
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  2. Its a utopia, where everyone is a stock market millionaire. The FOMC now sees whats in the democratic side for president. They are going to keep juicing the markets to keep Trump in power. Just buy anywhere you can't lose.
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    Tru dat :)
    Everyone on ET can become a millionaire.
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    If they keep this market juiced trump will definitely take another 4 years! And the masses will completely baffled by that outcome.
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  5. The bull market that never dies.....ZERO RISK MARKET $$$$$$$$$$$$
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  6. The indexes had been down at the open but have since recovered and are at session highs.....Same thing over and over and over.......Enjoy your lunch at Katz's.
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  7. Quit your day job, take out a second mortgage, or cash withdrawal from your credit card. Open a futures trading account with at least 2-5k wait for dips and buy with both hands, some firms allow $500.00 day trade margins. Trade from the long side only, you could easily made 10k a month. WITH VERY LITTLE RISK.
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  8. This is what free money in the hood looks like. If he passes it out amongst friends, then it's Quantitative Easing. So in effect, he could be the Ben Bernanke of Newark New Jersey.
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  9. Yes, I think the courts may see your point. It is NY.
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  10. Ok everyone, lets get our free money...Get ready to position for the overnight free money train.....choo choo $$$$$$$$ choo choo $$$$$$$
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