Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

Discussion in 'Trading' started by makloda, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. BOTTOM line there is ZERO RISK$$$$$$$$$$
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  2. Yeah just keep saying that... but until you grow a pair and call it before the fact instead of hiding in the dark on a pullback nobody is going to believe you are buying these dips
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  3. Should I buy right now? ES is at 1433.50?
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  6. S2007S


    goog is warming up ahead of earnings, up near 503.....513 looks to be resistance while 450 looks to be support, 513 will easily be taken out by 4:02 if earnings are on the good side. They tend to release earnings about 1-2 mins after the 4pm closing.
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  7. john12


    i bought 30 es's today at 1430.25 and will sell at 1450. goog's going to 550 after hrs. going long is safer than a cd you can't be hurt
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  8. ... silly me, I thought this thread was dead (laugh)

    Morning Activity:
    Short ER 798.70 = covered 797.70 (twice)
    Long ER 798.30 = covered 800.30 (once)

    ES short 1431 / low 1429 = covered 1431
    ES long 1432 = covered 1434


    Where's the trend? Buying dips worked... for small scalps exited promptly. Had I held any of these trades mere minutes longer, they'd all be back in my face for $0 gains.

    Very amusing thread, however. I do enjoy the antics & entertainment by all. Now that we're done trading until 2:15pm est, who wants to join me for some fun? I'm going out on the ice in our local swamp here to drill some holes for fishing later this evening. Anyone up for some trophy perch?
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  9. Out on the ice to drill some holes?

    Is that a quaint American colloquillism for shagging the wife?
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  10. T28L, that literally means we're going out in 10F temps, all bundled up to drill 4" holes thru 8" of ice. The reward for sitting in our little huts (heated) will be a pail full of fish that $10 at the local store could easily purchase.

    We call that entertainment :>)


    Also, we don't take country girls out ice fishing. Ever. They get restless and bored, start with all their pawing & groping nonsense when we're trying to focus on our $300 under-ice camera screens. Hurts their feelings when we push them away while handling our tipups and rods, too. Who needs that?

    Someday I'll make it over to your fabulous continent and spend time frolicking in the outback. Wonder if there are any critters in Australia one needs to be wary of?
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