Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

Discussion in 'Trading' started by makloda, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. If it's true and it sure *looks* like a TWS screenshot, Mak has a 7 figure account.

    Congrats. :cool:
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  2. ER2 is amazing as always!!! Keep 'em coming $$$$
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  4. looks like hes losing on almost everything, he might not have any figures at all shortly...
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  5. <i>"If it's true and it sure *looks* like a TWS screenshot, Mak has a 7 figure account. Congrats."</i>

    That is an admirable sum, no question about it. But, I'm confused. How could a self-professed dip buyer, trading with absolutely no fear result in anything other than robust profits today?

    After all, the ER closed near session highs following not one but two dips intraday... just like <b>eqt</b> forecast it would.

    For me it was a tough, rather scalpy day. Granted, more buy signals than not which worked, but still a challenge for those of us with a (healthy?) dose of fear.

    For the fearless, it should have been a +$7,000 or +$17,000 day buying the ER on every dip for free money without risk. Some might wonder where this (still impressive) account began <i>before</i> all those dips were bought.

    $1.5mil, perhaps?
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  6. in the end... all bulls end up in a hamburger... is just a matter of time.
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  7. EqtTrdr and makloda sound like TV evangelists... without the cadillacs
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  8. lol. Thats cute and true.( At least for the fourlegged ones) Havent heard it before.
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  9. S2007S


    sndk down again...

    new 52 week low very soon...
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