Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

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  1. Nah, I saw him with a squeegee on the miracle mile. Uses his wash bucket as a latrine.

    Better pay or he'll dump a bucket full on your window. Or in the window if it ain't rolled up!
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  2. S2007S


    Cramer said much of the action Tuesday, with the DJIA down 176, is attributable to options expiration. He said that options expiration week tends to bring "one very big down day," and this is it.

    haha hes blaming it on expiration week...pathetic.:p :p :p :p
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  3. seriously that guy is an idiot.
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  4. Major attack on the brokers.

    GS -1.15% (after a blowout quarter haha)
    LEH -5.67%
    MER -4.01%
    BSC -5.97%
    MS -4.83%

    All on 200-500% avg. volume. Sweetness.

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  5. Like oxygen, you mean?
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  6. LOL!
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  7. I'm worried about him.

    I think his office is only on the 2nd floor, though, so it's all good.
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  8. S&P 500 1,378.01 Down 28.59 -2.03%


    Another 2 bagger!!!!
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  9. I had so little respect for Cramer that it was impossible to lose more.... but that quote did it...

    Options expiration week causes a 26 point tank on the SPX lol...

    He must have high schoolers working for him now. :D

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  10. Yes, but even from a 2nd floor jump you could still break an ankle!

    I'm forming a search party right now.!...I'll need to swear in some deputies...any volenteers?...come on dudes...there could be a fatality...

    Hang on Eqt-trdr, hang on girl..
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