Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

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  1. Brianharvey, when you say contract rollover happens today, is that futures or options contracts? I think I know what you mean - one dated contract is expiring, so people will have to replace it with the next dated contract. But what generally (or can) happen on this rollover? Prices spike up/down/both? Thanks.
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  2. that was @Rickshaw Man
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  3. Oh, yea, sorry, question was for you Rickshaw Man.
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  4. S2007S


    3:30pm ET time!!!!!!

    He's all talk and zero action on pulling out of NAFTA!!!
    It's been over a year now!!!

    Trump says he will announce his steel and aluminum decision at Thursday afternoon meeting

    • President Trump says he will make his announcement on steel and aluminum at a 3:30 pm ET meeting Thursday.
    • The announcement comes a week after Trump said he would institute a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum.
    • A White House official told CNBC the president will sign a "legal paper enacting the president's stated objectives with dates of enactment and implementation included."

    Two sources familiar with the planning told CNBC that Trump is considering a 30-day exemption for Canada and Mexico, which would be tied to negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement. The president has repeatedly threatened to pull out of the 1994 pact if negotiators do not figure out a way to overhaul it.

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  5. S2007S


    I believe so....too boring of a day to make any everything I went long last week and sold is way way way above my price range.

    Markets need to drop at least 2-3% before I'm willing to step in and buy....
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  6. LONG 2729.72.

    Not really, but would go long here if I could.
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  7. this rip higher was candy.
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  8. note the timestamp on my post

    Nailed the hod. guess what i did there
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  9. Soes, I called that! Don't try to steal my thunder!!!
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  10. covered +6
    ez 6 ES points, went even lower boom!
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