Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

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  1. Nice.
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    out at 792
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  3. In two minutes we go from 900 call to out at a loss.

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  4. moving stop to 34
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  5. LOL!
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  6. Try it sometime, its like opening the bathroom window after a bad dump

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  7. Hope you are taking notes soes
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  8. There is no point in your fanciful predictions you can't make money off of them. I said before we wouldn't see negative interest rates in the US in our lifetime, and that rates would slowly climb over multiple years. I said that in 2015 before the first US hike. I can't see SPX going to 1200 in our lifetime either. I see major support levels in the 1500 and 1900 areas even in a bear market. While 1200 is not impossible in a black swan event like WW3, it's highly unlikely and you seem to think it can "easily" do so. That is a delusional way of thinking with no support from the real world past or present.

    Everything that has occurred since March 2009 has been fairly orderly and predictable. The size of the moves are not easy to forecast but the basic nature of market direction, interest rates, and how to invest were pretty clear. You have been on the wrong side of this far too long; stop being stubborn and listen to other people.

    For those who distrust the US market, the TSX is far more predictable and at a much lower valuation. You have entirely missed the point why predicting a 40-60% drop in 2015 when the SPX was 1900 and change was so bad. Taking the exact opposite trade would have gotten you 40-50% within 2 years. That's a red flag that your thinking is bad, regardless of what occurs the next 5 years. You remind me of a guy called "deadbroke" that had some giant short on the SPX with a large stop loss at the all time high ( in the 1500s ) who insisted it was a can't miss trade ( goal was 400-600 on the SPX ). In fact, the all time highs were eventually easily taken out an event he thought was impossible. That's emotions trumping an understanding the historical nature of stock markets.
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    Guess I'm not the only one calling for a deep down nasty collapse!!!!!

    JP Morgan co-president warns of 'deep correction' for stocks totaling as much as 40%
    • "The equity market has some way to go for the next year to two," said J.P. Morgan's Daniel Pinto. "But then, if there is a correction, it could be a deep correction."
    • Pinto noted that market corrections tend to be the result of many factors, but he highlighted central bank activity as a potential pitfall for markets.
    • "Those are the things you want to watch: That inflation doesn't go up too fast, that forces the central banks to go a little faster and quickly than they're doing now," he added.
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  10. -6
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