Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

Discussion in 'Trading' started by makloda, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Hey T28 didn't you just get burned by the SWSCapital guy asking for screenshots :p
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  2. No he asked for my photo of Dick Grasso and Cindy Crawford
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  3. Well, if you get the infomercial up and running make sure you have your passports at the ready cos all them suckers that take your advice re; 'free money no risk' might not be so friendly when a decent reversal happens (please. dont say it wont happen):confused:
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  4. Sounds like a solid idea:

    -> Domain Status Message: Domain is available.
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  5. But surely if there is "no risk" there should be no reason to hide in the dark everytime and only come out after the fact when nothing can be verified???

    Doesn't sound like no risk to me...

    Smells like fear
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  6. T28, and others have shown screenshots in the recent past on another thread.

    You want to show us a screenshot of your mortgage statement.....diddy!
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  7. Hey didn't you want to stop ripping into me??? :p
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  9. go baby go! don't forget you can also buy whatever you want on credit regardless of what you have or can afford. it's way better than fiat cash profits, go get yourself something really nice and tangible like a house or a set of skis, and screw creditworthyness. ability to pay back will matter even less in the future than it already does. nobody is paying back shit, be it the USA, or joe neighbor's mortgage. money is totally free no matter where you get it in the USA.
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  10. I can change direction when it suits

    btw, how's your woman...missing my loins?
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