Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

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  1. I am a true afficiando. It is the bomb diggity.

    Mainly Ales and Stouts.

    As good as ANYTHING from England, Belgium or Germany.

    I promise you this. The guy that owns it makes Sam Cook look like a wanker. He is obsessed and has mad skills.

    Beer lovers in Chicago are pissed off because their stupid distribution laws forced Bells to say FU and pull out of that market all together.

    I have had over 350 different beers. From Alsatian Ales to German Weiss to Belgium Lambics - and Bells is second to none.
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  3. sorry..

    just a Homer Simpson "beer" wav file...

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  4. I'm a fan of this as well

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  5. No, not missing anything. It's just that the odds are stacked in favor of the latter against the former, especially today with the 10yr bond yield dropping significanltly.
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  6. Lucrum


    Anyone else notice that today's price action (so far at least) resembles Feb 12th. Not to mention that yesterday and the day before resemble the two days prior to Feb 12th.

    Not a prediction on my part, just an observation.
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  7. Yep. On the following monday we skyrocketed. It will work until it doesnt.
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  8. S2007S


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  9. Here we go, buying programs flipped on like clockwork, enjoy!!

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