Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

Discussion in 'Trading' started by makloda, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Very true. The market looked like it was ready to implode in early January (Previously leading stocks seemingly reversing sharply, momentum tech taking heat, emerging markets falling apart) and just when everybody was ready to pull the trigger (and probably some were short already)... nothing happened.. and the market just crawled higher.

    Happened in November, happened in December. Happened in January. Could well happen 20 more times. You never know if this is _it_ so before we have a few serious down days with heavy follow through volume to the down side you have to give this POS of a market the benefit of the doubt, unfortunately.

    Until then, THERE IS NO RISK!!! :p
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  2. Good good I am short ES mini options so it better just stay where it is, gotta love collecting this huge huge premium in the options with zero risk :D
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  3. The rally begins in 5 minutes.
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  4. <i>"The rally begins in 5 minutes"</i>

    Flip your charts over... it's been rallying since the opening bell :cool:
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  5. hello boy$ and girl$

    Hope you all played the short the tops game for free money $$$$$$$$$$$$

    No risk.
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  6. Yawn.. is there any risk yet?
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  7. S2007S


    2 fed speakers speaking today, this could put the dow in the green today.
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  8. S2007S


    can 12786 be our top...

    I hate saying this but I dont think so, Dow is off over 100 points in 3 days, im sure were headed back up after this pullback.
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  9. S2007S


    bought some DDM just a minute ago, think will rally back to 12660-12670
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  10. Good morning gentlemen, good to see you all again on this beautiful Friday morning..

    I'm still on the sidelines cheering for ya watching the action..
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