Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

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    We are going on 5 years of this bull run without a 10% correction. I still think in order to keep this bull going stronger and longer that many should anticipate at least a minor correction to keep things on track. I think if the nasdaq never created such a bubble back in 2000 that today the nasdaq would probably be trading easily above 3500. Sad that greed rules these markets.
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  2. Inflate or die. There is no other way to keep the global system going. More and more credit (debt) to produce less and less GDP. There is no turning back or the whole system goes down the toliet for a longtime or its terminal.
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    Believe me the only people who see this are the people who want to see it, other than that its being ignored for a reason.
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  4. Im
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  5. dont waste your breath..... nobody listens.....

    amazing and sad that they keep getting crushed trying to short.... :(
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    another day in the history books.

    Tomorrow the nasdaq should easily fly through 2535 and the dow should gain back 2 days of losses closing up over 100 points to 12790. There is no way they will selloff the dow again and put the nasdaq at another high, it just wouldnt be fair.
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  7. This is the first time I have been aggressively bearish. 834-836 on er2 is an absolute BRICK WALL. Be careful on the long side until ES has broken above 1471 and er2 above 836. Call me stupid... Just watch the charts over the next few days.
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  8. Dont worry, they will learn... eventually.
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    Neil Hennessy says he sees 14,000 by the end of 2007 WITHOUT a correction.
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    The russel 2000 has been on a tear, already up over 5% for the year. Last year 17%. At the rate the russel is moving at it looks like it could easily see a 25%+ GAIN this year.
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