Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

Discussion in 'Trading' started by makloda, Jan 27, 2007.

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    if private equity goes belly up expect a big correction within these markets. That sector has been so overheated its not even funny.
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  3. That is the sole reason why the bull market will not end any time soon, too many bears waiting to be slaughtered.
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    ByLo, the BOJ rate hike had no effect, it was way too small and they said that this was the last hike in a long time. Look at the Yen's reaction, sold off reducing the perceived currency risk to the carry trade.

    CPI delivered some of the worst inflation data that we have had in months, maybe years, and yet the market can't even take out yesterdays lows (10 yr too is back above yesterdays low)! That is very bullish.

    $2 TRILLION in private equity funds sitting on the sidelines, enough to by the bottom 20% of US and UK markets. These guys don't make any fees unless they get deals done. POS stocks like RIMM making new highs (to be fair they ae presenting at RBCs media and comm conf today) while IBs saying that mobile margins are not recovering. HPQ growth down to 7% and barely sells off. The QQQQ barely bat an eyelid and are 15c from recent highs. The techs which have been lagging and which have received bad news after bad new with reduced orders this quarter, lowered expectations, margins pressured, inventories getting stale and piling up, Vista a relative disappointment, and yet money is now coming in to the sector as if all the bad news is in and it is ready to start to play catch up.

    There was some small selling vol early on but has tapered off since then and buying volume has picked up. This doesn't look like a market that is ready to sell of yet imo.

    One other thing that I look at intra day to give me a sense of what people are thinking is ES T&S. One days where the is real weakness there will not be many large lots hitting the ask (400+) as buyers wait for a good dip or for more info. Today the bigger lots have predominantly been hitting the ask and this is usually the smart money that has it right (for today at least). market internals improving, everything points to an afternoon rally.
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  5. congrats to those playing the short the tops game!!
    free $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    zero risk $$$

    Daddy like!
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  6. <i>"just keep trying to short and fight the tape.... no clue why...."</i>

    Well, here's the first clue for ya... I assume you can figure it out :cool:
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    That isnt true.

    There are no bears left..... Every analyst on cnbc and bloomberg is more bullish than the next, turn on fox news on saturday morning, all bulls. Look at the predictions for the DOW this year, cant find one who has a bearish scenerio.
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    where did you get that $2 trillion dollar Est. ???????????
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  9. Holy! Is that a 5pt drop in the ES???? Better check your data stream, might be a bad tick!!!! We haven't had such a huge sell-off in like 1000 trading days now! :p
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    Wait for 2pm, fed minutes being released, I dont think anything will come out of this release as being anything new for the market. Will be the same thing we have heard for months. The markets could easily run into the green on any positive mention of an economy growing at a moderate pace. As if we havent heard this one before.

    Russel 2000 nearly green along with the NDX. These go green by 12 pm expect the DOW to start moving higher after they have achieved positive status.
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