Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

Discussion in 'Trading' started by makloda, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Putting my nuts on the line here. Short the IWM @ 81.8 and I think the time is ripe for a 10% correction.
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  2. A lot of that cash will stay as cash when interest rates rise, not only here, but in Asia and Europe.

    The money market risk free return will tempt sideline cash to wait out any correction.

    You also have a real chance of liquidity contraction now - even Blackstone is renegotiating its libor+ interest rates with their lenders (it was in Bloomberg).

    That Blackstone story has GOT to tell us all something very significant. Private equity is complaining about their debt cost.

    *edit - makloda, here is the Blackstone, KKR story
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  3. congrats once again to all those who play the ZERO risk buy the dips free money system!!!

    nice job!!!

    GO MARKET$$$
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  4. Well, I tried a couple of long trades this morning that didn't work out. Lost a couple G's while expecting the bulls to actually hold a rally for the first time since Thanksgiving 2006.

    Fortunately, RevShark and ilk were there for us to provide liquidity when we switched to the other side. Long was wrong this morning, but what else is new in the persistently sideways trend?
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  5. now, you mean???
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  6. <i>"nice job!!! GO MARKET$$$"</i>

    Aw shucks, Eqt... it was nuthin'. Just doin' our job, readin' the charts, that's all (scuffing toe in the dirt).
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  8. buy whenever you want....

    dippies always win baby $$$$$$$$$$$

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  9. Nice call .... its amazing that nobody listens

    just keep trying to short and fight the tape.... no clue why....
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  10. S2007S


    Just buy TWM like I do.

    Im in at 65. Down a little but think the Russel 2000 has a pullback sooner than later.
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