Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

Discussion in 'Trading' started by makloda, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Your a chicken shit I dare you to make one little call, you cant because you scared you will be wrong, we know your type, just a wanna be trader.

    Listen sonny, if was not a professional trader how am I able to afford a Bloomberg?

    We know what you use.
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  2. this momentum since July 2006 will take a big event to derail. I have tried playing the short side recently and it has not worked very well. I am thinking the next pullback I will jump in as well. Keep doing that until it stops working. This is insane, but no need to argue with insanity
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  3. Dude, man, that's, like, two words...
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  4. T280


    Ahhhhh must have hit a nerve, what was it?


    You seem quite upset for someone supposedly making risk free money :)
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  5. Cos you had to sell your automobile?
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  6. Bam!!!!....bullseye, dude,:cool:
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  7. So, the gist of this thread is that if we have an up day, the bulls shout, and if we have a down day, the bears shout.

    It's all pretty pointless and I am guilty of contributing to it.

    I need to learn from my mistakes and my correct calls, not to have a broadcast of yesterday's market action with zero analysis. I can get that from the ticker.
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  8. 972 trading days since last 10% market correction. let's make it an even 1,000.
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  9. They're scalpers, they get a hardon when they're in the green one point and quickly cover ... and they shit their pants when they're one point under water and cover quickly like pathetic paranoid rats.

    And then at month's end.. they wonder how on earth after commissions and expenses they couldnt't beat the +1.5% in the SP500 :D
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  10. Bro, sometimes I don't get these pessimistic non-believers. Even after months and weeks of preaching, they just don't get it.

    I guess it's like giving a scientific calculator to a monkey. No matter how hard you try explaining it, it doesn't help the results :p
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